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Deck Installation & Replacement

Deck replacement is a crucial aspect of property maintenance for condo associations, ensuring safety of outdoor communal spaces. By upgrading to modern, durable materials, associations can minimize maintenance needs and extend the lifespan of their decks. Additionally, compliant with building codes and regulations, new decks provide peace of mind for residents and reduce liability risks for the association. With careful planning and professional installation, deck replacement can transform outdoor areas into attractive and functional spaces, enriching the overall living experience for condo residents.

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It is sometimes possible for the framing to be salvaged, but the age of the lumber, condition, code and conditions of the framing can factor into determining if possible and if it’s the best option for you.

Pressure treated wood is always an option and less expensive in the short term. However, there are now many options for composites for decking and railing systems, such as Azek and Trex. These composites can come in numerous colors and styles. In the long run, these are the better option because they save on maintenance, painting and maintain an aesthetically appealing condition for a far greater time.

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