Highland Meadows • Weston, MA

Highland Meadows • Weston, MA

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting is a vital aspect of maintaining the visual appeal and protection of condominium complex siding/shingles. With a fresh coat of paint, condo associations can revitalize the appearance of their buildings and property value. Our professional painters always ensure that surfaces are properly prepared and we use only high-quality paint to withstand weathering and prolong the lifespan of the exterior. By investing in exterior painting, condo associations demonstrate their commitment to preserving the value of the property long-term.

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FAQs & Links

When painting, weather conditions are just as important as the products used and the people applying it. We believe strongly that the materials should be free from rain and moisture for at least 48 hours before applying a coating. It should also be sunny, dry, and at least 50 degrees for 24 hours for the paint to be able to properly dry. Humid conditions while painting are not ideal. Too much humidity can cause the paint to dry in an uneven manner.

A regular painting cycle will keep the siding in better shape for a longer period of time. This will also provide a better surface every time painting occurs. Weathered and dried out siding will not maintain its finish as long as a clean and sound surface will. It is also important to not allow shrubs to encroach on the building. The closer, thicker and taller the plants are, the more moisture will be trapped in the siding, causing the paint to fail to maintain it’s appearance as long as it should. A regular painting cycle should be every 5-7 years.

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